Help required to discover attitudes towards dams and reservoirs

13th September, 2017

OSS Member Josh Jones is asking swimmers to help out in a research study about the influence of river barriers on biodiversity, functions of river systems and ecosystem services they deliver to society.

The study is being conducted by members of the European project, AMBER – Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers. The aim of the research is to gather local knowledge to contribute to better management of riverine systems, considering all users and links between them and natural resources. “The AMBER project seeks to apply adaptive management to the operation of dams and barriers in European rivers to achieve a more efficient restoration of stream connectivity, and address impacts caused by river fragmentation,” says Josh. “To get involved we’d like you to answer a questionnaire on the social attitudes towards dams and reservoirs.”

The information you provide will complete the project database, and will serve mathematical models and decision support tools, with intention to include all the opinions, river-dependencies, and river-related risks to local communities. The questionnaire will take about five minutes to complete.

The questionnaire can be completed online

Please read the informed consent form before answering the questionnaire.

For more info please see the AMBER website