Searching for 2020’s Swim Champs

13th February, 2020

We are on the look out for 2020’s OSS Swim Champs – people who put originality on the podium, rather than swim speed. If you have love to share, please consider joining us!

In 2020 we will be appointing 6-8 champs, and applications are open till midnight, Saturday 29th February. Freedivers, photographers, adventurers, cyclists, writers, artists, botanists, walkers, climbers and people from around the world are all encouraged to apply – The OSS is full of people who do many things, one of which is swim. 


The only winners in The OSS are the ones doing it their way. The OSS Swim Champ programme provides a platform for a small number of individuals from around the world to put a bit of themselves and their swimming interests further out into the world for the benefit of the wider community.

We are looking for originals, specialists and mavericks: you might be a very everyday swimmer, or new to the outdoors – but in some way you have something to say or show, and are prepared to share it with the community at large. We have our eyes open for one champ who is strong in technique (and maybe teaching it). Most champs are happy sharing words and pictures, but if you are busy doing something very different – like teaching a village of children to swim in a local lake – then we can tell your story too.  

APPLICATIONS: To apply, please see the Swim Champ Role Description and Application FormApplications are open till midnight, Saturday 29th February.  


We had an overwhelming 200 applicants for the role in 2019, and from there have delighted in a year of instagram takeovers and contrasting stories from Edinburgh to Melbourne – @rivervoyager took us on some town to town river adventures, @stompycole spent the year on her bike travelling the length and breadth of the country meeting swimmers, come snow or sunshine! @swimminginmiracles swam a treacherous 75 mile stretch of the Eel River in California. @theoutdooralex shared with us her wonderful world of weightlifting (and swimming), while @leography has transported us to magical places with his images of the @southwestsealpups.

@niallverso has wow’d us all almost daily with his sublime swimrise images from Greystones in Ireland, and we were there when @arthurirving completed his first marathon swim at the Dart 10k. @amirainwater came all the way from Lebanon to #sharetheswimlove at London’s Iconic Serpentine (she also brought lots and lots of sunshine that day).

There were many beautiful tales and images shared by all, @tonicofthesea, @bumblebambi, @annie.taylor.creates, @100swimmers100pools, @swim4recovery, @carinabruwer, @coldseawarmheart, @lizfotografie.

We are so grateful to have shared 2019 with our inaugural Champs and look forward to more exciting posts in February and March before they pass on the baton – perhaps to you!

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