Swimming: labour of imagination

24th January, 2018

OSS Director and Muse, Kari Furre will be hosting and facilitating a residential short-course all about being in the water and exploring how creative work and creativity can be empowered, supported and inspired by the physical experience of water, and swimming in particular.

The course, Swimming: labour of imagination will be held at Dartington Hall in South Devon this June. It will follow a three-day international gathering, Liquidscapes, bringing creative thinkers and doers together to explore water worlds. “It’s for swimmers with a creative practice, and creatives with a swimming practice,” says Kari. “There will be a mixture of practical aquatic and creative opportunities. Work on swimming technique and awareness of outdoor conditions for swimming will complement time in the studio to explore techniques, unblock creativity and to respond to your swimming experiences, along with developing your own practice.”

Kari will facilitate the course with Nancy Sinclair, a cold water specialist with a great interest in the local landscape. The residency will offer time for discussion and presentation of work in progress to the rest of the group, there will also be time for quiet reflection.

“There is no barrier to the type of creative practice or interest you bring with you,” says Kari. We’ll be looking at how one accesses creativity – you may want to work in a new way to inform your inspiration or just take a short break from your normal way of working. You may be an amazing swimmer but wanting some more outdoor experience, or a more scenic swimmer who would like to find out about technique.”


Kari’s work inspired by the sea

Kari and Nancy will explore why we swim, how it connects to creative practice, and why we want to continue to swim –– questions Kari has been examining for the past decade through her creative work and her own swimming.

The event takes place June 2018, for more information and to book a place visit: http://artdotearth.org/swimming/ If you have an questions or queries get in touch with Kari direct: kari@furre.co.uk