Join the OSS and Right to Roam on Tuesday 18 April

THOMAS WATT @field_projects_studio

For the uncontested right to swim: Alastair Humphreys talks to Kate Rew, Nick Hayes, Amy-Jane Beer, Owen Hayman, Imogen Radford and Nathan Willmott

What is inland access to water? Why don’t we have enough of it in England and Wales? How could we get more of it? In advance of the Kinder Swim Trespass on Sunday 23 April, join our panel of experts as they discuss key issues and experiences, hosted by Alpkit.

Your company for the evening will be:

  • Host Alistair Humphreys: microadventurer, author and Alpkit Ambassador
  • Kate Rew: OSS founder, author of The Outdoor Swimming Handbook and veteran swim trespasser
  • Nick Hayes: author of The Book of Trespass, illustrator and Right to Roam campaigner
  • Amy-Jane Beer: biologist and author of The Flow: Rivers, Waters and Wildness
  • Owen Hayman: founder of Sheffield Outdoor Plungers and member of the OSS Inland Access Team
  • Imogen Radford: Inland Access Officer at the OSS
  • Nathan Willmott: OSS Legal Advisor

Hear how our panellists are working towards better access for all to swim, paddle and have fun – including challenges and successes. Expect to hear about topics including:

  • Common myths used by landowners and water companies e.g. permanent ‘blue algae’ signs
  • Why trespass is a civil and not a criminal offence – along with our panel’s favourite swim experiences that involved trespassing
  • What rights swimmers in other countries have and if there any systems that could work in England and Wales
  • How to defuse frosty encounters with landowners