Group promotes mental health benefits of swimming to students

15th March, 2019

Chilly Dippers, a social-media based platform where students and young people can discover natural coping mechanisms for stress, depression and anxiety, is about to host its first swim meet-up.  

The event is scheduled for 9am Friday 15th March on Edinburgh’s Portobello Beach. “It will entail a massive morning swim, morning Zumba, followed by some music and breakfast,” explained Chilly Dippers founder and University of Edinburgh sociology student, Olivia Sharron.

Olivia launched Chilly Dippers on Instagram in January and is rapidly gaining a following among Edinburgh students and those further afield.

“I focus mainly on the concept of cold-water swimming, backing it up with lots of scientific evidence about how cold water brings you straight back into the present moment and releases endorphins and adrenaline to combat those otherwise persistent and negative thoughts,” said Olivia.

A professional videographer will film the event and record interviews, so swimmers can share their experiences and how the dip made them feel.  

Olivia hopes Chilly Dippers will encourage students and others to “take a minute out of their day to get up and revel in the great outdoors, to help bring them back to the present moment”.

The platform focuses on the social aspect of swimming. “There is so much more to be seen, felt and experienced with friends and what better way to do it then exploring the country to find some cold water,” said Olivia.

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Swim with Chilly Dippers – 9am, Friday 15th March. Portobello Beach (by the Espy Pub), Edinburgh.

Liz Lowe

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