28th March, 2018

The Outdoor Swimming Society is making a swimming film – and is looking for brands to back it. Can you help?

Kate Rew and Kari Furre, OSS directors, are working on a film with award winning film maker Amanda Bluglass and our long standing supporters ALPKIT. There is a final piece of funding left to get the film into production and the team are looking for sympathetic brands to get involved before April 13th. The film will be shown at adventure film festivals internationally.

Potential sponsors are kindly asked to contact director/producer Amanda Bluglass directly, email: amanda.bluglass@gmail.com.


This is not a film about winning. Or conquering.  It’s about facing the everyday fear of getting in the water. Of feeling the fear. This is a film about adventures and challenges. It’s about friends who share a freedom of spirit and who choose to celebrate the great outdoors; together. It’s about two women telling the story of their passion in the only way they know how; by diving into unknown waters with a friend and becoming an unstoppable force together.

This is a film for the curious. The ones who live whole-heartedly with their vulnerability.  It’s for those who dream big and are kind, to people, planet and themselves.

The film will be shot in Scotland: whisky makers warmly welcomed!


With a cinematographer’s approach to documentary, Amanda’s work blends emotive storytelling with a light touch. She has a strong pedigree in doc-style branded content and 30 awards on the adventure, ocean and documentary circuit. The OSS film reunites the same creative team behind Amanda’s short documentary Ray: A Life Underwater (900k online views, winner of 18 awards).


  • 1 x 5 min portrait documentary
  • 1 x 60 sec social media edit
  • Highly-produced film by an award-winning director and the Outdoor Swimming Society means sponsors will reach an international audience via the adventure/ocean film festival circuit and online channels.
  • Your brand logo would appear in the closing credits – size proportionate to sponsors’ investment* – and all film festival publicity
  • PR to include broadsheets, adventure press, festivals, Outdoor Swimming Society website and newsletter and social media channels of all sponsors


Potential sponsors are kindly asked to contact director/producer Amanda Bluglass directly, email: amanda.bluglass@gmail.com


March 2018