06th July, 2018

Sunday 8th July is the European-wide Big Jump. Grab a picnic, find a swim spot and join tens of thousands of other swimmers for a celebration
On Sunday 8th July at 3pm tens of thousands of people (particularly those not watching the World Cup) will be jumping into rivers and lakes at the same time across Europe. Grab a picnic, get a few friends together and join them!
The Big Jump was founded by the European Rivers Network in 2002 as an open source event that aims to remind people of why – and how much – they love Europe’s rivers, lakes and wetlands. The Big Jump seeks to inspire people to remember the powerful ties that bind them to freshwater ecosystems. And encourage them to join the fight to save them.
All you need to do to be part of it is get a few friends together and take the plunge somewhere, at 3pm on Sunday. Share it with swimmers Europe-wide on social media: #bigjump #sharetheswimlove #outdoorswimmingsociety. And log it on the ERN website which takes a minute.

OSS Big Jump at Dorchester on Thames 2007

Since 2002, around 200,000 people have taken part in over 2000 events in 34 countries. This year the European Rivers Network are hoping for a record number of events. “We all want to protect and restore our rivers and lakes. Here is a way to help and have a great day out,” says Richard Lee, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Communications Manager, Freshwater Practice.

“The hottest June on record bodes well for a huge show of support from British swimmers,” says Outdoor Swimming Society founder Kate Rew. “Has there ever been a better month for British river swimming? With some lakes reaching 21 to 23 degrees this week, we can leave our wetsuits at home.” The crowd-sourced map may help you find good places near you. Please note the jumping part is optional – a group wade works just as well. (Jumping has risks, and shouldn’t be undertaken unless you have assessed them, and know the water is both deep enough and clear of underwater obstructions).

Outdoor Swimming Society Big Jump 2011

From source to sea, people will make a giant splash by joining together in fun events across the Continent, demonstrating their commitment to bringing life back to Europe’s rivers. And sending a clear signal to Europe’s politicians that more needs to be done to protect and restore our rivers and implement the ambitious laws in the Water Framework Directive – for the benefit of people and nature.

So please join the fun. Simply join one of the official events or create your own and register it (name, place and how many jumpers) on the ERN site. The more, the merrier.

There are official jumps all across Europe but you can also simply arrange with your family and friends to have some fun in the sun – and help save our wonderful waterways.

Image: OSS Big Jump 2011 at Farleigh Swimming Club